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TFT: Reckoning Set 5 – New Origins

Set 5 hits PBE this week and The Reckoning is upon us! Set 5 launches with 13 brand new Origins and 9 new Classes (as well as 5 reprinted classes). That’s a lot to take in! Don’t fret, we’re here to explain the new origins and you can find additional info on the new classes here.


First and foremost, we need to address the elephant in the room. The Forgotten origin has 9 champions and is headlined by 5 cost Viego and fan favorite 4 cost Draven. “Forgotten champions have bonus Health and Attack Damage. Each Shadow item worn by a Forgotten champion increases the bonus by 10% on all Forgotten champions, stacking up to 5 times.” This should be a popular origin if only to get Draven in your comp.

 (1) Vayne РRanger 

(1) Warwick – Brawler

(2) Hecarim – Cavalier

(2) Thresh – Knight

(2) Viktor – Spellweaver

(3) Katarina – Assassin

(4) Draven – Legionnaire

(4) Ryze – Mystic (also Abomination origin)

(5) Viego – Assassin

Vayne Splash Set 5Warwick Splash Set 5Hecarim Splash Set 5Thresh Splash Set 5Viktor Splash Set 5Katarina Splash Set 5Draven Splash Set 5Ryze Splash Set 5Viego Splash Set 5














Next, we come to the Nightbringers. There are also 9 Nightbringer champions. 5 cost Darius is the star of the show, but 4 costs Aphelios and Diana may not be far behind. “Nightbringers gain a decaying shield equal to a percent of their maximum Health the first time they drop below 50%. When this shield is applied, that Nightbringer gains 35% bonus damage.” This could make Warmogs into one of the premier items for Darius.

(1) Vladimir – Renwer

(2) Sejuani – Cavalier

(3) Lee Sin – Skirmisher

(3) Morgana – Mystic (also Coven origin)

(3) Yasuo – Legionnaire

(4) Aphelios – Ranger

(4) Diana – Assassin (also Dragonslayer origin)

(5) Darius – God-King

Vladimir Splash Set 5Sejuani Splash Set 5Lee Sin Splash Set 5Morgana Splash Set 5Yasuo Splash Set 5Aphelios Splash Set 5Diana Splash Set 5Darius Splash Set 5














Coven is a smaller origin; only 3 champions fall under the Coven umbrella. All 3 champions are low cost, so I would be surprised if many players run Coven in the late game. “At the start of combat, the Champion nearest to the center of your Coven Champions is chosen as the Coven Leader, gaining 50% Bonus Ability Power. Each time a Coven unit casts their ability, a fraction of the cost is bestowed upon the Coven Leader as mana.” This origin gives players a new reason to slam Blue Buff in the early game; only time will tell if its strong enough.

(1) Lissandra – Renewer

(2) Leblanc – Assassin

(3) Morgana – Mystic (also Nighbringer origin)

Lissandra Splash Set 5Leblanc Splash Set 5Morgana Splash Set 5







Hellion feels like an exciting origin to play and a tough one to balance! “Hellions gain Attack Speed. Whenever a Hellion dies an imperfect Doppelhellion of the same type will leap from the Hellion portal and join the fight!” Teemo is the grand poobah Hellion, and 5 lower cost units round out the origin. It sounds like players will want their Hellion units to die, therefore Guardian Angel is unlikely to be a good item on this origin.

(1) Ziggs – Spellweaver

(1) Kled – Cavalier

(1) Poppy – Knight

(2) Kennen – Skirmisher

(3) Lulu – Mystic

(Health) Teemo – Cruel/Invoker

Ziggs Splash Set 5Kled Splash Set 5Poppy Splash Set 5Kennen Splash Set 5Lulu Splash Set 5Teemo Splash Set 5











Dragonslayer origin is another small group, but do not underestimate it’s power. 4 champions make up this group, and two of them are 4 costs Mordekaiser and Diana. “Dragonslayers gain bonus Ability Power. After the first ally Dragonslayer scores a takedown on an enemy with at least 1400 maximum health each combat, all allies gain additional Ability Power for the remainder of combat.” This origin feels incredibly powerful and should be a great counter to late game Brawlers.

(2) Trundle – Skirmisher

(3) Pantheon – Skirmisher

(4) Diana – Assassin (also Nightbringer origin)

(4) Mordekaiser – Legionnaire

Trundle Splash Set 5Pantheon Splash Set 5Diana Splash Set 5Mordekaiser Splash Set 5










This origin also contains 4 champions…. but watch out! A 5th unit may surprise you. “Abominations empower their creation, The Monstrosity gets stronger with every Champion death, gaining a percent of the dying champion’s maximum health. Upon reaching peak strength, or when no allied Abomination champions remain, the Monstrosity will be unleashed.” Three champions in this origin return from set 4.5, but Ryze leads the group as a newcomer.

(1) Kalista – Legionnaire

(2) Brand – Spellweaver

(3) Nunu – Brawler

(4) Ryze – Mystic (also Forgotten origin)

Kalista Splash Set 5Brand Splash Set 5Nunu Splash Set 5Ryze Splash Set 5

The Monstrosity Splash Set 5










The Redeemed origin is the “good” against the Forgotten origin’s “evil”. There are 8 Redeemed champions, putting them at a disadvantage to the 9 Forgotten. Kayle returns to set 5 as a 5 cost and leads a well balanced group; Redeemed champions can be found in the beginning, middle, and end game. “Redeemed have increased Armor, Magic Resistance, and Ability Power. When they die, they pass this bonus split among living allied Redeemed.” This trait reminds me of the Dragonsoul origin from set 4.5; positioning your carry will be key.

(1) Aatrox – Legionnaire

(1) Leona – Knight

(2) Syndra – Invoker

(2) Varus – Ranger

(3) Lux – Mystic

(4) Rell – Cavalier (also Ironclad origin)

(4) Vel’Koz – Spellweaver

(5) Kayle – Legionnaire (also Verdant origin)

Aatrox Splash Set 5Leona Splash Set 5Syndra Splash Set 5Varus Splash Set 5Lux Splash Set 5Rell Splash Set 5Vel'Koz Splash Set 5Kayle Splash Set 5














Similarly, Dawnbringer contrasts Nightbringer. There are 7 Dawnbringer champions and they are led by their God-King Garen. “Dawnbringers rapidly heal a percent of their maximum health the first time the drop below 50%. When this heal occurs, all allied Dawnbringers gain 10% bonus damage.” Seems a little underwhelming compared to the 35% bonus damage that the Nightbringers get; will evil triumph over good?

(1) Gragas – Brawler

(1) Kha’zix – Assassin

(2) Soraka – Renewer

(3) Nidalee – Skirmisher

(3) Riven – Legionnaire

(4) Karma – Invoker

(5) Garen – God-King

Gragas Splash Set 5Kha'zix Splash Set 5Soraka Splash Set 5Nidalee Splash Set 5Riven Splash Set 5Karma Splash Set 5Garen Splash Set 5














Verdant is another small group of champions that adds an incredible bonus to your team. 5 cost Kayle, 4 cost Taric, and 3 cost Ashe will be highly contested in the late game. “Champions that start combat adjacent to at least one Verdant champion are immune to crowd control for the first 3 seconds of combat.” That’s a huge bonus! This will significantly reduce the use of QSS in games, especially if Ashe can do a bit of damage alongside Kayle.

(3) Ashe – Ranger (also Draconic origin)

(4) Taric – Knight

(5) Kayle – Legionnaire (also Redeemed origin)

Ashe Splash Set 5Taric Splash Set 5Kayle Splash Set 5







The Draconic origin was teased by Riot in their March Dev Drop. As they explained: “At the end of each player combat, gain a dragon egg on your bench. Dragon eggs hatching into a Draconic Champion after 3 rounds.” We now know that if 5 Draconic champions are on the board you will receive Golden Dragon eggs. These eggs can hatch into rare loot! I don’t expect Draconic to be as fun as Fortune was in set 4…but I can always hope.

(1) Udyr – Skirmisher

(2) Sett – Brawler

(3) Ashe – Ranger (also Verdant origin)

(3) Zyra – Spellweaver

(5) Heimerdinger – Renewer/Caretaker

Udyr Splash Set 5Sett Splash Set 5Ashe Splash Set 5Zyra Splash Set 5Heimerdinger Splash Set 5










There are 3 Ironclad champions; expect to play this trait during the late game. “All allies gain bonus armor.” A teamwide armor buff is nothing to sneeze at; this may be a great splash trait against Skirmisher or Ranger teams.

(2) Nautilus – Knight

(4) Rell – Cavalier (also Redeemed origin)

(4) Jax – Skirmisher

Nautilus Splash Set 5Rell Splash Set 5Jax Splash Set 5







5 cost Kindred is the only Eternal champion. When played, “Kindred deploys Lamb and Wolf seperately, each with their own abilities and gaining the effects of Kindred’s items.” This may be incredibly powerful; I can’t wait to give Kindred carry a try. Items like Frozen Heart and Runnan’s Hurricane will definitely get a boost in playability.

(5) Kindred – Ranger/Mystic

Kindred Splash Set 5







Revenant units may be the most terrifying in the pool. They look creepy to begin with… and they return from the dead! “Revenants revive after their first death each combat. Once revived, they take and deal 30% increased damage.” Guradians Angel probably won’t be useful here, but deathblade sure will be!

(3) Noctune – Assasin

(4) Ivern – Renewer/Invoker

(5) Volibear – Brawler

Nocturne Splash Set 5Ivern Splash Set 5Volibear Splash Set 5