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TFT Reckoning: Set 5 Champions

***BREAKING: The complete list of every champion and their cost for TFT: Reckoning (Set 5) has been revealed***

Riot released the March 2021 TFT Dev Drop video a few weeks ago and we got to digging. Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer spoke directly to fans and released information on some Set 5 champions and traits. Mort pointed out a few exciting champions:


Mort’s Highlights

Draven (Ruined)

Ruined Draven

Draven was a favorite in Set 1 and he’s finally returning to delight fans with his blade show.

Darius (God-King)

God-King Darius

Garen (God-King)

God-King Garen

Mort highlights that Darius and Garen are polar opposites and will not be strong when played together. They’re extra powerful against opposing forces. Its likely that these two will be 5 cost units and a ton of fun during the end-game.

Teemo (Little Devil)

Little Devil Teemo

Teemo is back and more mischievous than ever. Mort explained that Teemo will be the first champion in the game to cost 0 gold… instead, he’ll cost player health. Teemo will be as powerful as a legendary 5 cost champion, but will tax your HP a pretty penny. Buyer beware!


Fortunately, the TFT team snuck a few other champs into the video if you look hard enough.


Splash arts

Riven (Dawnbringer)

Dawnbringer Riven

Yasuo (Nightbringer)

Nightbringer Yasuo

Dawnbringer and Nightbringer could be a teaser for contrasting game traits. This would fit perfectly into the “good vs evil” theme that Riot teased a few months ago.

Kayle (Viridian)

Viridian Kayle

Volibear (The Thousand Pierced Bear)

The Thousand Pierced Bear Volibear


Draconic gameplay clip

Next, Mortdog introduced a new origin: Draconic. “Each round you play with the Draconic trait active will add an egg to your bench. After a few turns, that egg will hatch. What does it hatch into? Sometimes it’s more Draconic champions, sometimes it’s….something else!”

Udyr, Heimerdinger, Aurelion Sol, Ashe and Shyvana all appear in a gameplay clip and will be Draconic champions.

This origin feels like it will be especially useful in the early game when your bench is relatively empty. It will be hard to run Draconic during mid game when your bench tends to be more full for any late game transition.

Heimerdinger (Dragon Trainer)

Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger

Aurelion Sol (Storm Dragon)

Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol

Shyvana (Championship)

Championship Shyvana

Ashe (Fae Dragon)

Fae Dragon Ashe

Udyr (Dragon Oracle)

Dragon Oracle Udyr

Some other champions appear in the same clip:

Gragas (Warden)

Warden Gragas

Nautilus (Warden)

Warden Nautlius

Gragas and Nautilus appear on the same team in the clip. Does this mean the Warden class from Set 2 will be making a comeback?!

Soraka (Dawnbringer)

Dawnbringer Soraka

Another Dawnbringer skin…. this keeps getting more interesting!

Aatrox (Justicar)

Justicar Aatrox


TFT Labs clip

If you don’t look closely you’ll miss it: a few champions from Set 5 appear briefly in the segment about “TFT Labs”.

Kha’Zix (Championship)

Championship Kha'Zix

Nidalee (Dawnbringer)

Dawnbringer Nidalee

Another Dawnbringer skin… I think we’re on to something here.

Warwick (Grey)

Grey Warwick


Previously Announced

Don’t forget about the champions teased in the January Dev Drop video!

Viego (Classic?)


Morgana (Coven)

Coven Morgana

Finally, Mortdog recently confirmed on stream that TFT Set 5: Reckoning will hit PBE on April 14th followed by going live on April 28th.