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TFT Set 5.5: All Set 5.5 Emblems in Dawn of Heroes

The release of Set 5.5 to PBE brings changes to the emblems that players see throughout the game. Shadow items are leaving and taking a ton of spatula options with them. Fortunately, Riot has reopened the window for flexible emblem use and then some. All traits and classes are now available via emblem except the 5 cost unique traits (ex: Victorious, Inanimate, etc.). Keep in mind, some emblems are available but “Illusive”.

Illusive emblems are a new addition to set 5.5. Illusive emblems are available from a Tome of Traits, armories, or on the carousel. Most importantly, they cannot be crafted using a spatula.

The “Tome of Traits” is a new consumable added for Set 5.5. Players can receive a Tome of Traits from the new “Radiant Blessing” mechanic upon dropping below 40 HP, or (rarely) from gold loot orbs. Players will drag the consumable into their shop, thereby triggering a special “Tome of Traits” armory which contains 4 Emblems. At least one of the emblems will be an Illusive emblem.


New Emblems

Cannoneer Emblem (Illusive)

Cannoneer Emblem


Sentinel Emblem (Illusive)

Sentinel Emblem


Recipe Changes

Cavalier Emblem (Spatula + Chain Vest)

Cavalier Emblem


Helion Emblem (Spatula +  Bow)

Helion Emblem


Abomination Emblem (Illusive)

Abomination Emblem


Dawnbringer Emblem (Spatula + Giant’s Belt)

Dawnbringer Emblem


Draconic Emblem (Illusive)

Draconic Emblem


Forgotten Emblem (Illusive)

Forgotten Emblem


Ironclad Emblem (Illusive)

Ironclad Emblem


Nightbringer Emblem (Illusive)

Nightbringer Emblem


Redeemed Emblem (Spatula + Negatron Cloak)

Redeemed Emblem


Revenant Emblem (Illusive)

Revenant Emblem


Assassin Emblem (Spatula + Glove)

Assassin Emblem


Brawler Emblem (Illusive)

Brawler Emblem


Invoker Emblem (Illusive)

Invoker Emblem


Knight Emblem (Illusive)

Knight Emblem


Legionnaire Emblem (Illusive)

Legionnaire Emblem


Mystic Emblem (Illusive)

Mystic Emblem


Ranger Emblem (Illusive)

Ranger Emblem


Renewer Emblem (Spatula + Tear)

Renewer Emblem


Skirmisher (Spatula + BF Sword)

Skirmisher Emblem


Spellweaver (Spatula + Rod)

Spellweaver Emblem