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TFT Set 4.5 PBE: First look at BIS items and newest comps

TFT professionals have made their way to the PBE server to try out set 4.5 just like everyone else. I’ve been watching a few of them test out the new champs and builds, and wrote down a few of their favorites:


Kiyoon‘s BIS  – Currently rank #28 Challenger in Set 4


At the beginning of one of his games, Kiyoon talked through BIS items for Olaf and Samirah with Souless. They both agreed:

Olaf – GA/Runnan’s Hurricane/Deathblade

Olaf BIS

Kiyoon struggled hard early, but ran these items on a 2 star Dragonsoul chosen Olaf in a 6 Dragonsoul/3 Slayer build and ended up 3rd in a private game against other Challenger/Grandmaster players. Once Olaf gets going he jumps from target to target and cleaves through enemies while healing (with Slayer) similar to another melee carry; Warwick.

They also agreed:

Samira – GA/Deathblade/QSS

Samira BIS

I will note that most of the Samira builds I saw from other players included attack speed items like Rageblade and RFC. Of course we’re still in PBE, so we could settle into a completely different meta once the set goes live.

Souless‘s “Elder Drake” build – Currently rank #7 Challenger in Set 4


Want to try a BROKEN build? Souless suggests running “Elder Drake”: Put an Elderwood spatula, Rageblade, and Gunblade on Aurelion Sol for a 6 Elderwood/3 mage team. A-Sol’s double cast from mage buff is an absolute must-have to maximize this build’s potential.

"Elder Drake"

Souless also noted that you can use Sivir to grant additional attack speed to A-Sol as a mid-game carry. By the time each matchup ends, he’s up to almost 2.0 attack speed with Rageblade.

Without Elderwood, BIS items for A-Sol are Gunblade, GA, and Rageblade or some other AP item.


Kurumx‘s Legendary build – Currently rank #70 Challenger in Set 4


During a game where Kurumx was very strong early, he pushed to level 9 and rolled for a legendary chosen. His attempt at the “Peeba” legendary comp consisted of Lee Sin (with GA), Yone, chosen brawler Sett (with Morellos, HOJ, and Giant Slayer), Shen, Xayah, Samira (with Rageblade, IE, and RFC),  Sivir, Azir (with Chalice and Duelist Spat), and Yuumi. He placed 3rd in a private game against other top tier players, even with a strange mix of items. Even with the changes to 5 cost units, they’re probably still the ideal comp to play at level 9 in late game.


robinsongz‘s suggestions – Currently rank #31 Challenger in Set 4


This may seem obvious, but robinsongz noted the need for a strong board when playing Ornn. Ornn doesn’t provide much in terms of board strength, but is definitely worth using for his Blacksmith passive. Think of “meeping” with Bard in set 3.5 – he was great mid game if you were willing to lose health, but not great late game unless the rest of your board is incredibly strong. Ornn is a slightly stronger unt but still should be considered a utility champ in the end.