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TFT Set 4.5: Patch 11.4 System Changes “Set 4.75”

Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer and James “Statikk” Bach recently released the details behind the massive changes in TFT Patch 11.4. The sheer number of adjustments is so large that many streamers are dubbing this “Set 4.75”. Mortdog and Statikk sat down and discussed the changes over a 45 minute conversation which is linked below. Some of the major system changes include:

Lucky Lantern System

Player opinions on the Lucky Lantern system remind us of the Galaxies System of Set 3 and 3.5; some lantern drops are more popular than others. Some players feel that drops are unrewarding. The drops probably need some changes, but that won’t happen in this patch. Instead, Riot made the following minor changes:

Stage 3: It is no longer possible to get 2 loaded dice or 2 target dummies

Stage 4: It is no longer possible to get 3 item components

Although small, these changes are a direct nerf to the reroll builds that make up the current meta. Diana, Nasus, Nidalee, etc. will all be slightly more difficult to consistently upgrade to 3 star. Nerfs to reroll builds are a consistent theme in this patch, but more may be needed next patch. According to Mort, the reroll builds still feel too strong in patch 11.4 on PBE.

Chosen System

Chosen Base Odds: 33% 50%

Rolling Odds at Level 4: 60/40% 80/20% chance of a 1/2 cost chosen

Chosen Bonus Stats:

  • Spell Power 30 15
  • Attack Damage 20 10
  • Mana Reduction 25% 15%
  • Health 400 300

Players spoke, and Riot heard. Gripes about the inflexibility of the Chosen system ran rampant in recent days, as players became more and more frustrated with a system that felt too rigid. Players complained about feeling stuck in many games; if you never got a decent chosen champion in your shop then you were doomed to a bottom 4 placement. Players built mage items mid-game, only to roll 40 gold and get 6 duelist, vanguard, or divine chosen champs. “Go next.”

The chosen odds change Riot is implementing work toward reducing that frustration. Chosen champions will appear far more frequently, allowing for more flexible gameplay and fewer instances of players saying “ugh, another 8th incoming. Go next.”

The change in Level 4 odds is massive; the chance of getting a 2 cost chosen at level 4 was cut in half. It’s not worth levelling at stage 1-3 anymore. Players are better off saving their gold.

Lastly, Riot reduced the bonus stats on chosen champions. This change may go under the radar, but its another step towards reducing the disparity between “good” chosen champions and “bad” ones.

This patch goes live on Thursday, February 18th.

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