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TFT Set 4.5: Ornn’s Blacksmith trait fully explained

Ornn is one of two new 5-cost champions coming to Teamfight Tactics with the mid-set update. He possesses three traits: Elderwood, Vanguard, and the new Blacksmith.

Blacksmith is an interesting new mechanic in which Ornn crafts a powerful Artifact (item) that can be placed on a champion of your choice.

Before we get into his Blacksmith trait, let’s first check out his Ability, which is the same as his ultimate in League of Legends:

Ornn summons an elemental from behind the furthest enemy to travel towards him, slowing the Attack Speed of enemies hit by 50% for 3 seconds and dealing (150/250/750) magic damage.

If the elemental runs into Ornn, he headbutts it, redirecting it towards another distant enemy, stunning it for (1.5/2/15) seconds and dealing (150/250/750) magic damage.

From a pure champion power point of view, Ornn is actually pretty weak. He doesn’t do a ton of damage, doesn’t have a lot of CC, and he’s got a high mana cost. TFT lead gameplay designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer likened him to a 4-cost Sejuani, adding that he’s probably even weaker than her.

The trade off with Ornn is his Blacksmith ability which is unlike anything Teamfight Tactics has ever had before The idea behind Ornn stems from the idea of creating one-off items; the problem was balancing their power with the frequency of how often you could craft them.

After participating in combat, Ornn begins crafting an Artifact. The higher his star level, the faster he’ll craft these powerful new items. Once complete, the item will appear and you’ll be able to equip it to any allied champion with an open slot who doesn’t already have an Artifact equipped! These artifacts are brand-new unique items that can only be obtained from Ornn.

Here are the specifics for how Ornn’s Blacksmithing works: when Ornn participates in combat, he’ll earn progress towards crafting an Artifact.

  • 1-star: Crafts an Artifact after participating in combat four turns.
  • 2-star: Crafts an Artifact after participating in combat three turns.
  • 3-star: Crafts an Artifact after participating in combat one turn.

There are ten Artifacts that Ornn can craft and is totally random. Four of them have been revealed:

The Collector: (+40 Attack Damage, +20) The wearer instantly kills enemies they damage who are below 10% health. Executions generate gold.

Rocket-Propelled Fist (+15 Mana, +25 Armor, +200 Health): At the start of combat, the wearer pulls the farthest enemy into melee range, stunning them for 1.5 seconds. Allies within range will prioritize attacking that enemy.

Muramana (+20 Attack Damage, +20 Attack Speed, +15 Mana): After the wearer casts their spell for the first time each combat, they restore 100 Mana.

Trinity Force (+33 of every possible stat other than health, +333 Health)

On the surface, Ornn looks like he has the potential to be really overpowered thanks to these really strong items. But what keeps him in check is that an Artifact requires an item slot and you can only have one.

As Mortdog explains: “What often happens is you reach late game, your carry already has three items so you don’t usually have room for the Artifact.”

This opens up some very interesting gameplay decisions that have to be made. Do you leave an item slot open on your carry and potentially weaken your early and mid game? Or do you hope to get the Item Remover from the Lucky Lantern?

Ornn will likely struggle at 1-star but he does have the potential to be a carry if things work out. The carousel, Fortune trait and potential Neeko’s could help you land an early 2-star Ornn, which should help carry you to late game.