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TFT Set 4.5: New Syphoner Class and champions

Nasus, Vladimir, and 5 cost Swain join set 4.5 to make up 3 out of the 4 possible Syphoners. Morgana pivots her class from Dazzler to Syphoner to round out the group. The trait activates at 2 and 4 Syphoners, and noticeably lacks a 3 cost unit to play in mid-game. This buff harkens back to Celestial from set 3, with the adjustment that the healing is much stronger for the Syphoners than it is for their allies. Running 4 Syphoners without a chosen will be difficult, as none of the champions do enough damage to be a carry. That being said, a chosen Morgana or chosen Swain can make the 4 piece buff worthwhile late game.

“All allies heal for some of the damage they deal (10% Allies & 40% Syphoners / 25% Allies & 100% Syphoners) with spells and attacks.”



Nasus 4.5

Divine/Syphoner (1 Cost)

“Nasus withers the enemy with the highest percent health, dealing (400/600/1000) damage over 5 seconds, and slowing their Attack Speed and Movement Speed by 50% for the duration.”

Even though he’s only been on PBE for a couple of weeks, Syphoner Nasus chosen appears to be one of the most popular reroll builds. Throwing two Titan’s Resolves and a Jeweled Gauntlet on him is extremely strong. Once he’s upgraded to 3 star, he takes on the role of tank AND damage carry. This build feels similar to the double Luden’s Enlightened Nami build in set 4; if you get the chosen and the items then it’s a guaranteed top 4. If you swing and miss on either the chosen or the items, forget about it and pivot to something else after mid game.



Vlad 4.5

Cultist/Syphoner (2 Cost)

“Vladimir deals (350/500/750) magic damage to his target. All nearby allies are healed for 40% of damage dealt.”

Chosen Syphoner Vladimir is the ultimate filler unit and perfect support; he allows his team to heal via Syphoner buff and heals his team members with his ult. You can throw this unit into any comp for immediate effect (something to keep in mind when running early game fortune.) Even without chosen status, he can hold AP items until late game and stick around as the early/mid game sustaining tank. Jeweled Gauntlet will actually increase the healing of allies, which is rare.



Morg 4.5

Enlightened/Syphoner (4 Cost)

“Morgana hallows the ground beneath a random enemy, dealing magic damage to enemies over 5 seconds, shredding 40% of their Magic Resistance and their Attack Damage.”

This one is an interesting change – Morg’s ability now reduces an enemy’s MR and AD (since she’s no longer a dazzler) and does not heal (since she now gets healing through the Syphoner trait). You can throw Chalice or Morellonomicon on her late game, but don’t prioritize them over items for your front line tank or back line carry.



Swain 4.5

Dragonsoul/Syphoner (5 Cost)

“Swain transforms into his dragon form for 6 seconds, gaining (60/75/100%) maximum health and dealing (75/150/1000) magic damage each second to enemies within (2.5/2.5/5) hexes. While in dragon form, every 2 seconds Swain breathes fire in a cone in front of him, dealing (175/350/5000) magic damage, burning enemies for 25% of their maximum health as true damage over 10 seconds, and reducing healing by 50% for the duration.”

We discussed Swain a bit here, and note that with a balanced set of items he’ll be extremely difficult to kill. His kid has a little bit of everything; he gains health, deals damage per second, deals burst damage every 2 seconds (which then also applies a DOT and reduces healing), and heals himself and allies with the Syphoner buff. If you make it to level 9 and find a Chosen Syphoner Swain, make sure you grab him. He’s worth fitting into any build you’ve already got.


If you take away one thing from all this it should be this: never skip over chosen syphoners!