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TFT Festival of Beasts: Lucky Lantern mechanic explained

Teamfight Tactics (TFT) is a game with adaptability and flexibility at the forefront. While skill expression is key, there’s also a bit of randomness factored in. True to the Festival of Beasts theme for Set 4.5, the mid-set update will introduce a new mechanic: the Lucky Lantern.

The Lucky Lantern is an item that will be given to every player at a certain point in the game. All eight players will receive the Lucky Lantern at the same time and inside is a special present. All players will also receive the same item from the Lucky Lantern but this item will be different each game.

Here are the contents that can be inside the Lucky Lantern:


This one is pretty straightforward. Each player will receive the same amount of gold; however, the amount will likely change based on what stage of the game you’re in.

Neeko’s Help

Neeko’s Help is a consumable that creates an extra 1-star unit of the champion you place it on.

Force of Nature

Increases your max units on the board by +1.

Item Components

Again, this one is straight forward. While every player will receive item components, it’s unclear if the specific components will differ from player to player.

Shop Reroller

This item is great if you’re looking for a specific trait. You place it upon the champion and your shop will reroll once for free and only include champions that have the same traits as the one you used it on.

For example, if you use the item on Kennen, only Ninja’s and Keepers will appear in the shop. Roll percentages for each cost will remain as is so if you use it early in the game, you’ll have a better chance at 1- and 2-cost. Late game will have better odds for 3-, 4- or 5-cost champions. If the champion pool is empty, the item will fail and roll other champs.

Item Remover

This is by far one of the cooler items in the game and one that can be incredibly helpful if you plan to pivot late-game. When the Item Remover is placed on a champion, all of the items place on that champion will pop off and return to your bench. You’ll get to keep the champion but place those items on a stronger champion.

Item Reroller

Similar to Item Remover, you can use this one on a champion. The champion’s items will pop off and reroll “into a similar item.”

A component will be rerolled into a different component; but, you can also use this on full items as well — although that’s a much riskier play. I can see this being used if you are going for a specific item-dependent build and couldn’t get your desired item. Try your luck and use the item reroller.

Training Dummy

The last item that can be in the Lucky Lantern is a Training Dummy. Similar to Azir Soldiers, this training dummy can be placed anywhere on your board and serves as a distraction, soaking up some enemy attacks. It doesn’t count towards your army limit. There are some rules that are unclear with this one, like whether or not you can change its placement between rounds or if it’s only used once.

I absolutely love the new Lucky Lanter mechanic in theory. It’s random enough to force you to think on your feet, and the fact that all players receive the same item also means it’s won’t be unfair. Check out all of the champions and traits leaving TFT with Festival of Beasts, when it arrives on January 20.