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TFT Festival of Beasts: What to know for Set 4.5

Teamfight Tactics: Festival of Beasts, the mid-set update for Riot’s popular autobattler, is set to hit the live servers on January 21. Before the new TFT set arrives, there are probably some things you should familiarize yourself with.

For starters, there are new champions and traits. While it’s not a complete refresh, 19 champions and six traits were removed and replaced, so it’s enough to change the meta. There’s also a new in-game mechanic called Lucky Lantern. This is just the tip of the iceberg though.

Get yourself all caught up with what’s new in TFT Set 4.5 with our recap below!

TFT Festival of Beasts New Champions and Traits

As I mentioned, 19 champions and six traits are leaving. Say goodbye to Dusk, Hunter, Moonlight, Dazzler, Shade and Tormented. Not every champion in these traits will be removed; however, some are being retooled to fit in some of the newer traits being introduced.

Here are the new traits coming. We are currently working on write-ups for each one:

Here’s a helpful cheat sheet of which champions belong to which origins and classes:

Lucky Lantern

As far as gameplay is concerned, this is probably the biggest change in the Festival of Beasts. The Lucky Lantern is an item that has the chance to randomly drop mid-game. Playing off the theme of Set 4.5, the Lucky Lantern provides every player with a randomized item or consumable (the item is the same for everyone in the game).

Items inside the Lucky Lantern can be gold, Neeko’s Help, Force of Nature, Item Components or one of the four new consumables: Item Remover, Shop Reroller, Item Reroller and Training Dummy.

Read more about the Lucky Lantern and each of the new consumables here.

TFT Fates II Pass And New Cosmetics

Festival of Beasts will come with a new Fates pass filled with tons of cosmetics, including new Little Legends, booms and arenas to battle in. The Fates II Pass will work the same as in the past: play games in TFT and complete missions to earn XP.

There will, again, be a free pass as well as the paid Pass+ for 1295RP. The Pass+ offers more rewards, including the Dumpling Sprite which is unlocked immediately upon purchase.


Fates Pass+ includes three exclusive arenas:




In addition to the Arenas offered in the Pass, Festival of Beasts will also come with two interactive Lunar Revel arenas. These are more intricately designed and offer a bit more interactivity to your gameplay as they react to what happens in-game.

Lunar City (1380RP) offers a gorgeous rooftop view of the city streets, hologram parade and lantern festival. It also has interactive shop signs, canal boats, steam vents and more.


Then there’s Club 2 (1900RP), a party-themed arena with interactive confetti cannons, stage VFX, a dancing DJ and its very own soundtrack.


The Festival of Beasts Little Legends, arenas, and cosmetic bundles will be available for purchase until March 4. You can see more of the TFT Festival of Beasts cosmetics here.