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TFT Academy: Mismatched Socks

Mismatched Socks released his first “TFT Academy” video on Youtube about a week ago. He briefly mentions wanting an in depth discussion on the advanced topics in TFT, and thus the TFT Academy was born. Each video is short; none are longer than six and a half minutes long. So far he has covered the following topics:

Multiplicative Item Scaling

Socks immediately dove into an example on maximizing a unit’s damage per second (DPS). He explains why AD carries are better off with some damage items and some attack speed items rather than all attack speed or all damage. He also walks through AP carries, tanks, and healing.


Early Game Focus Firing (The Steamy Nuke)

This video was the most helpful for me. Socks taught me about early game positioning and how to maximize my chance of killing opposing units. It sounds silly, but his positioning tips helped me take less damage in the early game when stuck with a weak board. He pointed out that the goal is to kill as many units as possible, not to just do damage to your opponent’s units. He also noted the pitfalls of AOE units early in the game.


How to Play Vel’Koz

I love playing Vel’Koz; he’s one of the most fun champions in the game. In this video Socks reviewed the optimal items on Vel’Koz and what units to surround him with. He also explained the importance of Syndra and how Vel’Koz’s spell targeting works. His tips on aligning the front-line are detailed and enlightening.


Avoiding AOE

In this video, Socks took advanced positioning to the next level. Most players focus on their own team when positioning. In some cases, it is more beneficial to focus on the opponents positioning. Here, Socks reviewed the spell targeting for Volibear, Kennen, Sett, Karma, Heimerdinger, Teemo, and Ryze (and how to position around them). One user commented: “This advice on using assassin to counter Kennen was mindblowing, appreciate a lot!”


Hidden Unit Synergies

Remember how well Aatrox and Kennen worked together in Set 4.5? In his most recent video, Socks addressed some similar “hidden synergies”.  He started off admitting that there’s nothing like Aatrox and Kennen in Set 5. Fortunately, he then sped through seven different “hidden synergy” examples between units and items.


Hopefully Socks continues to put out these quality videos and eventually forms them into a Youtube playlist. He is one of the most flexible and knowledgeable TFT players in the world, and I view these videos as as one of the best resources for climbing the ladder.