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Radiant Blessing Explained: The newest mechanic in TFT Set 5.5

The Radiant Blessing mechanic is a key addition to TFT Set 5.5: Dawn of Heroes. It’s an exciting and gratifying way of keeping players competitive even if they low-roll the early game.

The Radiant Blessing activates when a player drops below 40 HP. At that time, the player will receive a golden orb (with wings!). This orb will drop a variety of items; gold, Neeko’s Help, units, item components, consumables, spatulas and Force of Natures are all possible drops. Fortunately, players all receive the same type of drop. This means that one player may receive 4 item components and a reforger, but they may be different than the 4 item components that another player receives. The same logic applies to units, but all units are equal cost.

Radiant Blessing Orb

How it works

First, each game is randomly rolled as either a “High Quality Orb” or “Medium Quality Orb” game. As shown in the chart below, players have a 10% chance at a High Quality Orb game. If the game is High Quality, players receive one of the things listed on the right once they drop below 40 HP (2 Thieves Gloves, FON, 50 Gold…. etc.). High Quality games are straightforward.

On the other hand, if the game is Medium Quality then players receive one thing from the “Medium Quality Content” section in the middle and one thing from the “Lesser Quality Content” section on the left. For example, a player might get 10 gold and nothing. Or a Neeko’s help and an item component.

Radiant Blessing Table

These percentages will probably change over time as Riot balances the game. Since this is a brand new mechanic, players should expect some hiccups at first. Mortdog may even add some new possibilities in the future.


Personally, I hope I luck into a 50 gold blessing. 10% of games will be High Quality, and 1% of those High Quality games will get a 50 gold drop…. one game out of every thousand.

So you're telling me there's a chance