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TFT Set 4.5: Keeper Kennen Build

Keeper Kennen is an exciting new build that recently hit the TFT Set 4.5 Meta. The build centers around 3 Star Kennen and the 6 Keeper buff and uses Xayah as a secondary carry. A two star Kennen with the right items is enough probably to carry you to a top 4 finish.

First and foremost, Kennen needs GA and Morello’s to carry. His AOE ultimate applies the Morello burn to the maximum number of champions when positioned correctly. Jeweled Gauntlet is BIS 3rd item, but Kennen can also use Rabadon’s Deathcap or Ionic Spark. Focus on his items first to get yourself through the early and mid-game.

Kennen BIS


Secondly, Xayah can roll with most offensive items. Hand of Justice, Deathblade, Giant Slayer, Statikk Shiv or Last Whisper are all decent options. She’ll be your secondary carry and provide burst damage during the late game. Keep in mind that her ult range is limited; keep her in the first two rows to maximize value.

Xayah Keeper BIS


Early Game

Most importantly, focus on your core Kennen items. Slamming GA and Morello’s won’t force your hand; both are used in enlightened and syphoner comps. Use a cultist/keeper opener when possible. It’s the most natural board to transition from. Eventually you’ll drop TF and Pyke, but you can hang on to Elise until you get a better replacement like Kennen or Xayah.

Focus on running your strongest board at all times. If cultist/keeper units don’t show up in your shop, don’t sweat. There’s plenty of time to find keepers later.

Cultist Keeper Start



In the event that you’ve made it this far you should be picking up all the available keepers. Sell your chosen at level 7 and roll for a Keeper chosen. Chosen Keeper Kennen is your goal, but Jarvan and Rakan are low cost and you’re more likely to see them at this stage. Damage is hard to come by in the mid-game without Jeweled Gauntlet. If you run 4 Keepers at this point your other units should be offensive carries. In the example below I drop TF for Sivir and add Teemo for sharpshooters.

Mid-Game Keepers


End Game

6 Keepers is the end game here. Sejuani and Aatrox are extremely strong units to add. Both provide additional beef to an already tanky team and give fantastic crowd control. Play your 8th unit by ear; add Ornn if you’re strong enough. He grants Elderwood buff and is great for steamrolling your opponents with additional items. Toss Kindred into the mix if you’re lacking offense. She and Xayah benefit from Executioner and will be sure to take out an extra unit or two.

Late Game Keepers



“At the start of combat, Keepers grant themselves and all adjacent allies a Shield (150/200/275 shield) for a duration (8/10/12 seconds). This Shield is 50% stronger on keepers.”

As you already know, Keepers grant a shield to all surrounding units. Therefore, grouping your units into a tight knot is the only way to play this team successfully. Forunately grouping your units will grant the most shield to the most allies. Unfortunately it also makes them an easy target for AOE ults like Sejuani’s or Aurelion Sol’s. Use Azir’s sand soldiers to counteract this vulnerability; placing them in the far corners and placing the bulk of your team off center will help limit the number of units hit by ASol’s first cast. Ornn can also be used as bait.

Place Xayah in the first two rows to maximize the effectiveness of her ult. She has limited range and will not hit the enemy back-line if placed in the 3rd or 4th row.